Import Restrictions Lifted on Certain New Zealand Fish and Fish Products

The United States Court of
International Trade lifted the Preliminary Injunction that prohibited the
importation of all snapper, tarakihi, spotted dogfish, trevally, warehou, hoki,
barracouta, mullet, and gurnard fish and fish products harvested by set nets
and trawls in the inshore fisheries of the west coast of New Zealand’s North
Island within the Maui dolphin’s geographic range. As of April 2, 2024, the
above seafood products no longer require a National Marine Fisheries Service
(NMFS) Certificate of Admissibility to enter the United States.

Background: In response to the
United States Court of International Trade order in November 2022 (Slip Op.
22-130) and in cooperation with the NMFS, the U.S. Customs and Border
Protection imposed immediate import restrictions on the fish and fish products.
listed above from the New Zealand inshore set net and trawl fisheries deployed.
in the range of the Maui dolphin, a marine mammal species endemic to the on the
west coast of the North Island.

The above seafood products no
longer require for the Importer to provide a Certificate of Admissibility.

CSMS# 54456976  &
CSMS# 60413947Source Link:

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