Personal Effects

header_suitcaseHave you been living abroad and plan to be moving or returning to the United States?

Flegenheimer International can help with the smooth importation of your personal goods. Whether you are looking to import a small appliance, furniture, machinery or a recreational vehicle such as a car, boat, airplane or even your all of your household possessions, our customs specialists have the directed expertise to handle these non-commercial goods.

Importing personal effects is very different from handling typical commercial goods or products for resale. It can be a difficult and time-consuming process if not handled correctly. In addition many Customs Brokers choose NOT to handle personal effects because they are one-time shipments. Since this has been one of our areas of expertise for several decades we are knowledgeable of the type of documentation necessary for various commodities based upon their country of export and we specialize in one-time shipments. This ensures that your possessions will be expedited through what could otherwise be a lengthy process.

In preparation of importing your personal effects we help you to avoid any penalties for undeclared items can be severe.

Typical needed information is:

  • A complete list of each item being imported
  • A completed CBP Form 3299
  • The value of each item stated at current market value stated in the currency used for valuation
  • A copy of your passport
  • For automobiles, we need copies of a driver license, registration and title and along with completed DOT HS-7 & EPA 3521-1 forms.


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