APHIS Reminds Stakeholders to Submit an eFile Application—Before ePermits is Decommissioned—to Avoid Delays

This message is for permittees who hold a permit issued in ePermits. APHIS will decommission ePermits in 2024.
If your permit was issued in ePermits, you must apply and establish an account in APHIS eFile to continue working with regulated materials.
• Submit your new application in APHIS eFile as soon as possible to avoid delays.
• ePermit data will not be transferred to APHIS eFile. You will need to apply for a new permit in APHIS eFile.
• Permits issued in ePermits will remain valid until their expiration date.
• No action is necessary for permits currently issued in APHIS eFile.

Go to APHIS eFile at https://efile.aphis.usda.gov/s/ efile.aphis.usda.gov/s/. In the Ready to Apply section, select the appropriate application to begin applying. Your username and password will be the same for eFile as it was for ePermits. For additional support, refer to our https://www.aphis.usda.gov/efile/training and YouTube videos.

Source: USDA Department of Agriculture


If your USDA import permit was issued by ePermits system,we highly recommend that you submit your new application in APHIS eFile as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing customs clearance of your shipments.

Flegenheimer Intl will continue to monitor  and keep you posted.

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