It’s Your Duty!

We are encouraging our customers to apply for an ACH number. This allows us to pay duties and user fees on your behalf electronically. It’s a very simple process and we will be happy to walk you through it.

Never again will you be scrambling to get your duty payments made on time. Never again will you need to worry about late filing penalties from U. S. Customs.

Once you receive your ACH number it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Flegenheimer Intl. receives a preliminary statement report from Customs approximately 9 days after your shipment is released by U.S. Customs. We send this to you via email or fax to let you know it will be debited from your account. 
  2. We transmit the payment to Customs using your ACH payer number. We receive a payment acceptance, letting us know the payment has been properly applied. 
  3. The following day we receive a final statement from Customs. We will fax or email this to you for your records.

We also encourage clients to set up a separate “duty trust account”. The only use for this bank account should be your ACH transactions for U.S. Customs Duties. If you ever have a U.S. Customs Audit, you will be able to easily show these specific bank statements to the U.S. Customs Auditors and verify that you’ve paid your customs duties with your ACH account.

To enroll in Automated Clearinghouse, please contact Flegenheimer International Inc.