Have You Signed Up For G-Trac Yet?

What is G-Trac?

G-Trac is live, up to the minute, real time status of your shipment.

You will automatically receive current status of your shipment such as:
o Food and Drug Status

  • FDA May Proceed
  • FDA Documents Review
  • FDA HOLD/Detained
  • FDA Physical Sampling

o USDA Status

  • USDA Manifest Hold
  • USDA Hold
  • USDA Released

o Customs Status

  • Customs General Exam
  • Customs Manifest Hold
  • Customs Updated and Released

These are examples of messages your specially chosen company representative/s as well as your trucking/storage providers will receive as they are generated by the different government agencies that govern your shipments entry into the US.

No longer will you need to call or e-mail us for status updates. though may still do so. G-Trac will provide you with the same exact status simultaneously, that we, as your Customs Brokers, receive from the different government agencies involved. In addition to sending you real time updates on your shipments, G-Trac can store your shipment information in a easily accessible spread sheets that can be custom made just for you.

These are just a couple of features  the G-trac system has to offer. Please contact us to sign-up for this convenient tracking program that is available as a courtesy to all our valued customers.

If you already receive G-Trac status of your shipment, please pay close attention to each and every message as this is giving you Real Time Accurate Status of your shipments.

Thank you,

Flegenheimer International