Bond Requirements for Shrimp, 10+2 Updates, Import Restrictions, and the Lacey Act

Bond Requirements for Shrimp, 10+2 Updates, Import Restrictions, and the Lacey Act

Enhanced Bond Requirement NO longer required for Shrimp subject to ADD/CVD as of April 1,2009
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ISF 10 + 2 Update
Please take immediate note of the new ISF Worksheet. We have made significant changes to better satisfy the reporting of 10+2 to CBP. We kindly ask that you forward this new format to your shipper for immediate use.

On another note, there are still many of you who are not providing any ISF 10+2 information at all. We need to have the completed form no later than 3 days prior to vessel being delivered to port of export. This will allow us sufficient time to send and received confirmation of receipt from CBP.

Click here to download the updated 10+2 (PDF).
Click here to download the updated 10+2 (DOC).

APHIS Issues Federal Order restricting imports of tomatoes from countries where Tuta Absolute moths are known to occur
APHIS announces that beginning, March 10, 2009, shipments of field-grown tomatoes from certain countries will be required to meet additional import requirements to prevent the introduction and establishment of Tutu absoluta. The Administrator of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has announced a Federal Order action that determined that the introduction and establishment of Tuta absoluta poses a serious plant pest threat to U.S. agriculture, including certain fruits or vegetables grown in the United States. Tuta absoluta is a small moth in the family Gelechiidae, Order Lepidoptera. The larvae attack, feed on, and develop on all plant parts above ground. On leaves, larvae feed between the epidermal layers, causing irregular mines that may later become necrotic. Fruits can be attacked upon formation, and the galleries formed inside them can be infected by secondary pathogens causing fruit rot. Pupation can be either in the soil, on the leaf surface, or within mines.

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LACEY ACT is now in effect – April 1, 2009
The electronic submission of required declaration is now possible. Please review the list of commodities which require Declaration for Imported Plants/Products under Phase II –

In order for Flegenheimer Int’l to process submission on your behalf, we require the completion of Items 10-18 on the Declaration form found at the following link:

Information for Items 1-9 will be completed by Flegenheimer so long as we have your basic documentation such as Invoice & Bill of Lading on hand.

You may request reimbursement of samples collected by Food and Drug if the results return back as negative with out comments
Once you received the final notice of release from FDA, you may submit it with your invoice for the value of the samples collected. You can mail it to the following address:

Food and Drug Administration
19900 McArthur Blvd #300
Irvine, CA 92612
Attn: Fiscal Unit