10+2 Enforcement Update and FSIS Exemption Changes

Customs says they will start penalizing importers for NOT meeting ISF 10+2 rules
During recent seminars with US Customs, it was made very clear that they will not withhold from penalizing those companies that did not take advantage of this 1 year training period. For those of you who have not begun to train and instruct your shippers/suppliers of this rule, we strongly urge you to start NOW.

Customs will soon be issuing report cards, which will serve as evidence of those who have NOT been making an earnest effort to comply with this rule. Customs will be tracking changes/updates/retransmissions in the 10+2 data and compare records. They will be consulting these records and begin issuing minimum of $5000 penalties for each untimely/incorrect filing and up to $10,000 in liquidated damages each time corrections are transmitted. Simply said, you MUST make sure that your supplier provides true/accurate information from the start. Customs states they will not allow importers to correct entries. Those importers taking advantage of this training period, will obviously receive some consideration to mitigating such penalties.

Here again is the form we will need to be completed and provided to us NO later than 3 days prior to the container being delivered to the port of export at origin.

Read all the details you need to know here:

Click here to download the updated 10+2 (PDF).
Click here to download the updated 10+2 (DOC).


Changes to USDA Permitting Process for FSIS-Exempted Food Products Containing Meat and Poultry Ingredients
Food products which were generally exempted from needing an Import Permit due to the fact that small amounts of meat and/or poultry ingredients were involved will no longer be exempt beginning June 22, 2009.

Read all the details you need to know here: http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/trade/trade_programs/agriculture/meat_poultry_regs.xml

FDA Final Rule regarding Prior Notice of Imported Food Shipments
Final rule takes effect May 6, 2009

We ask that you take a moment to review the following bulletins to familiarize yourself again on Prior Notice Rules:


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