Air Manifest Outage on June 6-7,2015 (Saturday-Sunday)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection sent a Public Bulletin notifying the trade community that on June 6,2015, the Air Automated Manifest System (AMS) will be brought offline. ACE will become the new system of record for Air Manifests.

What will be the effect of this outage to shipments that will be arriving this weekend?

Airfreight will mainly be affected by the outage. We will not be able to receive any result on Entry Summary and Prior Notices during the downtime (12 noon to 2:00pm PST). We will do our  best to minimize the delay by inputting and processing all shipments prior to downtime. We request that all documents must be sent to us in advance in order to get your shipments processed beforehand. We might encounter some issues with airlines as they will not see any  air manifest such as 1c’s, slac counts and split information during the outage until June 7 (sunday morning), but rest assured that our staff will do their best to communicate with CBP and the airlines to make sure cargo will move accordingly.


Air Manifest:

Air AMS will go offline at 3:00 PM EST, Saturday, June 6th and Air Manifests will be brought online in ACE by 5:00 AM EST, Sunday, June 7th.

ACS Entry/Entry Summary:

ACS will go offline at 3:00 PM EST, Saturday, June 6th and will be brought back online no later than 5:00 PM EST, Saturday, June 6th.
During the June 6, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM outage window, CBP will not process FTZ Admissions/e214s (All FZ and FT APP ID’s) or FDA Prior Notice WP transactions.

Air Manifest Query: 

Filers should stop using the ABI IN transaction to query airway bills as of 3:00 PM EST, Saturday, June 6th.  Filers should use the ACE ABI CQ Query starting at 5:00 AM EST, Sunday, June 7th.

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Flegenheimer International

For more detailed information, please click on the link to read CSMS #15-000323 & CSMS #15-000322: