Labor Strike – Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach

As many of our importers are aware, there has been a disruption of services at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach due to a strike by clerical workers.

The clerks walked out at APM ( Pier 400), one of the largest terminals in the Port of Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon, 11/27.

This walkout has now spread to three other terminals in the Port of  Long Beach.  With union workers refusing to cross picket lines, a number of marine terminals have ceased operations as of Thursday, 11/29.

We cannot tell you when this strike will be settled and the terminals will resume operations; however, we can let you know what to be prepared for once the piers reopen:

The free time for containers caught at the terminals during the strike may or may not be extended.  If a particular terminal refuses to extend the free time, demurrage will be payable in advance to get a container releaed.

Empty containers that are out and cannot be returned due to the strike will most likely incur per diem charges which will be billed by your trucker after the empties are returned.  This may take as much as 1-2 months.

Once the strike ends and the terminals are working, expect delays.  The ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach are congested at the best of times.  We anticipate extraordinary traffic and congestion as drivers all attempt to complete their delayed deliveries.

Flegenheimer International will do everything in our power to get your shipments delivered as soon as possible once operations are resumed.