How Importers Can Help America Get Through COVID-19

As Customs Brokers, we handle all the formalities of importing products into the United States. The current worldwide pandemic has created significant challenges for importers today. But there are also some opportunities.

Flegenheimer has always specialized in perishable products but it should be noted that we are well-versed in most other type of commodities such as pharmaceuticals, bio-samples, hardgoods, electronics, sporting goods and even safety items.

Several of our enterprising importers, who typically import perishable products have started importing PPEs (personal protection equipment) such as masks, gowns, shields, glove, shoes, helmet, eye protection, goggles, etc. These are greatly needed by healthcare workers as well as most businesses in order to continue safe operation.

We have performed quite a bit of research on these products and are ready and able to assist importers with this information as needed. We encourage importers to look-into these items to supplement any lost income as a result in the current situation. Most importantly, however, this is a way that importers can support our citizens through this difficult Coronavirus.


Here are some resources we have obtained from FDA: