Government Shutdown

As you are all aware by now there has been a lapse in appropriations requiring the federal government to shutdown as of midnight on Monday, 9/30.  After our first full day in this environment, we can report the following:

Customs and Border Protection – operating as usual at all ports.  Customs has, however, cut back on staff and services.  We have not experienced delays as yet but will be monitoring this service very closely as the shutdown continues.

USDA – operating as usual

FDA – FDA has cut back its staffing but is continuing to operate at the ports.  Entry review, field examinations, sample collections, and destructions are among the functions that FDA will continue to perform.

Fish & Wildlife Service –  all F&W’s electronic tools have been suspended.  Therefore all F&W entries must now be prepared manually and physically filed at the F & W office.

Federal Maritime Commission – closed as of Tuesday, 10/01

Like you, we have no idea how long to expect this government shutdown to last.  Our expectation is that delays will begin to be seen if the shutdown continues due to the staff shortages at all government agencies.

We will continue to monitor the government agencies involved with cargo importation and will update our customers as we receive further information.