Delays Due to Congestion at West Coast Ports

Congestion is being experienced at Los Angeles/ Long Beach Ports that causes delay for containers being picked up and going on rail for inland move.

There are multiple factors that attributes to the congestion:

  • Import surge explains terminal congestion, capacity shortages in both rail and drayage trucking sectors.
  • Since most carriers no longer provide chassis, trucker has to make arrangements for their own chassis pick up and wait in line.
  • Raildroad delays in providing railcars and equipment; thus, containers that cannot leave as scheduled create further congestion.
  • ILWU goes on vacation and lesser experienced dock workers are assigned, it affects productivity.
  • Some terminals require appointment of 24 hours prior to pick up.

Flegenheimer knows the urgency of  your shipments, we are closely monitioring your containers with truckers and carriers. Due to this circumstances, we would like to suggest the following:

  • Send your customs documentation as early as possible.
  • Express/Telex release is preferred to expedite freight release instead of sending OBLs.
  • FDA registration is upto date
  • USDA permit/ F&W permit are current
  • CTPAT members are given some priorities

Anything that could speed up the process might be of help. We will do our best in coordinating with customs, truckers and carriers to ensure proper handling of your shipments. However; please be aware of the current situation at the ports.


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