Delays at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

As most of you already know and some of you have unfortunately experienced, there have been severe delays in getting your cargo out of the terminals at the ports of LA/LB. It doesn’t look like this will be going away anytime soon. With record amounts of cargo arriving to west coast ports and shortages in labor, chassis, truck capacity, etc.,(not to mention COVID mitigation measures) the ports are doing their best to process cargo timely. Please rest assured that your representatives at Flegenheimer International are doing their best to help lessen the delays whenever possible. We are on the phones and emailing truckers, terminals and customers more than ever trying to get status updates on your cargo. Please be aware that these delays are completely out of our hands. Though we do try to fight on your behalf, most of the time there is simply nothing the terminals can do. From articles we have read and webinars we have been on, it seems like these delays may start to slow down after the Lunar New Year. Until then, we will continue to work hard to keep your cargo moving and delays at a minimum.

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Long Beach Business Journal,%E2%80%9Crecord%E2%80%9D%20spike%20in%20imports.