CBP Initiatives to Increase Collection Efforts

CBP issued CSMS# 17-000489- CBP Bills for Supplemental Duties, Taxes and Fees, or Vessel Repair Duties as a reminder to the importers to pay their bills no later than 30 days from the date of the bill.

CSMS #17-000489

Title: CBP Bills for Supplemental Duties, Taxes and Fees, or Vessel Repair Duties
Date: 8/14/2017 4:26:04 PM

This is a reminder that CBP bills for supplemental duties, taxes and fees, or vessel repair
duties are due thirty (30) days from the date of the bill.  Any bill not paid during this timeframe is delinquent.  Please ensure that CBP has the correct address on file in order for you to receive your bill in a timely manner to prevent any delay in the payment of your bill.

If a bill remains unpaid, any balance will be considered delinquent and accrues interest until payment is made in full.  All supplemental bills will reference the entry number used to import your goods.

Also, please note that CBP is changing its dunning letter timeframe from 181 days from the date of the bill to 61 days starting September 5, 2017.  In addition, if you are scheduled to receive a refund and have a delinquent bill older than 60 days, CBP will divert your refund and apply it to the delinquent bill.


Flegenheimer International highly recommends proper monitoring of these bills from CBP to avoid delinquency and interest accrual; moreover, to avoid any delay in clearing your shipments as CBP can place your company in Sanction List.

Sanctions happen when an importer fails to pay their bills to CBP and their Partner Government Agencies such as FDA, USDA, F&W, etc.. This is their way of forcing them to pay-up.  They remove their remote/electronic importing privileges and the broker must then submit paper/LIVE entries and paper checks in person to CBP.  The sanction will be lifted once their bills are paid in full.