Anti-Dumping/ Counterveiling Scam Alert

Here at Flegenheimer International, we try to keep you up on the latest news regarding International Trade. Here is some information on recent Antidumping/Countervailing Duty evasion scams that Customs and Border Protection would like to make you aware of.

Evading payment of Anti-dumping and Countervailing duties has been an ongoing problem for many years but according to CBP it has become more pervasive. Please be reminded that ADD/CVD evasion is a violation of Law and is a Federal Crime.
Following is an example of a Scam  e-mail that has been sent to importers/exporters everywhere:

Dear purchasing manager,
We have been exporting for many years from China, especially USA and Canada.  If you need this product, please tell me, so I can quote you. Please do not worry about the dumping duties. This order will be operated through the intermediary trade.  We will send the goods to a third country; the forwarder will repack our goods for export with other company title from that third country.  It is a legit business.

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