Trump Proposes Additional 10% Tariff on Imports from China

After the initial imposition of additional 25 percent tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods identified in Section 301 that took effect on July 6, 2018,  President Trump directed the United States Trade Representative to identify an additional $200 billion worth of Chinese goods for additional tariffs at a 10 percent rate. The tariffs announced yesterday will include nearly all seafood and produce exported from China to the United States.

Please check the full list of products that could be subject to the additional 10 percent tariff:

USTR will hold public hearing August 20-23 in Washington, D.C. for comments. Request to appear at the hearing  is due by July 27. There will also be an apportunity to submit oral and written comments until the end of August.

There is no current set date of implementation until the process is concluded but we can anticipate sometime in September-October. 


Flegenheimer International will continue to monitor and keep you posted on the current status of the proposed additional 10% tariffs . If you are importing products from China that are subject to the proposed tariffs, you should ACT NOW to assess how it may impact your business. If you have any questions and would like to know what appropriate actions can be taken, we suggest that you contact NFI, PMA or an International Trade Consultant.


Please see below important message from NFI:

National Fisheries Institute will host a call for NFI members on Thursday 2:00 pm (Eastern), 1:00 (Midwest), 12:00 (Mountain), and 11:00 (Pacific), in which it will review the status of this situation and answer your questions.  Please send your questions as soon as possible, so we have a chance to research an answer before the call.

Because Chinese suppliers have already called many NFI members, often with inaccurate information, NFI will offer a second call at 900 pm (Eastern Time, Thursday, 12 July) and 900 am (Friday, China time, 13 July).  This call will be in Chinese, so your Chinese suppliers can hear directly from NFI.  Again, we would appreciate if your suppliers could send us questions they have, so that we can research them.  We feel this second call will help you manage a number of questions that you will receive over the next 48 hours, and provide a single point of information for the suppliers.

Summary of requested actions:

1. Review the list of seafood items to determine if your imports are impacted.
2. Send Geraldine Espejo questions you have about the list or the process.
3. Inform Geraldine Espejo if you will participate in the English language call Thursday, 12 Jul 200 pm (eastern), and she will send you the call information.
4. Ask your suppliers to send their questions in Chinese to NFI’s Xin Yuan.
5. Ask your Chinese suppliers to inform Xin Yuan if they will participate in the Chinese language conference call Friday 0900 (China), and she will send them the call information. We will send importers the questions that Chinese suppliers asked, translated to English, after the call, for your information.